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Curriculum Vitae for Peer Fischer Holm
ADDRESS:                         Særbækvej 19, Begtrup, 8420 Knebel, Denmark
TELEPHONE :                     (xx45) 86 35 09 00
DATE OF BIRTH:                12.07.1932
NATIONALITY:                  Danish
CIVIL STATUS:                   Married to Bente R. Holm
EDUCATION:                       Diploma in Commerce 1954
                                            Diploma in Business Administration and
                                            Accounting, HD
                                            State controlled diploma in EDP
LANGUAGE SKILLS:            English, German
AND EXPERIENCE:               Economic Planning, Investment, 
                                             Profitability Evaluation, Feasibility Studies,
                                             Negotiations with Joint Ventures, Financing
LECTURES:                           Strategic Business Planning, Investment
                                             Profitability, Joint Ventures in Poland
JOINT AUTHER OF BOOK:  Håndbog i budgettering
PRESENT POSITION:           After 25 years as a Financial Director of
                                             Nordisk Wavin A/S
                                             I reached the Group`s pension age for
                                             managers (62 ½) on 1.2.95.
                                             Then I started to use my experience as a
1981. Excel Plastic Ltd., Calabar, Nigeria:
Analysed why this plastic factory gave a big loss.
Costprices were calculated, mistakes found, Financial Director
disappeared and the company made a profit after that.

1989. The Wavin Group (in 10 countries):
Project Manager with 9 consultants carried through by a McKinsey method to set free 20% of the Group`s indirect costs.

1990. Wavin Bastard, Bielefeldt, Germany:
Analysed why the plastic cop factory made a big loss every month.
New costprice system implemented, pricepolicy changed, overweight reduced. Then the company gave a small profit and could be sold.

1990. Wavin Metalplast-Buk Sp.z o.o., Poland:
Together with a colleque I made joint-venture negotiations with the Management of the company, relevant authorities in Poland and the Danish IØ-fond. Implemented Finance and administration. Board member in the company untill my retirement.
At that time the company had 500 employe and have made a very good profit every year since then.

1994. Joint Venture in the Baltic States:
Together with a colleque I have started the project by finding the most suitable joint venture partner, been through all the faces until the project in Vilnius Lithuania was approved by the Lithuanian Goverment and the Board of the Wavin Group.
The factory started with 80 employees and make good quality plastic pipes.

until 01.08.53. Clerk                    Grocher Bernhard Madsen, Århus
  -   15.01.56. Accountant            Århus Tømmerhandel A/S
  -   01.02.59. Bookkeeper          Volvo in Århus
  -   01.09.63. Manager                Fællesbageriet A/S, Århus
  -   01.07.70. Financial Manager  Brugsforeningen HB, København
  -   31.01.95. Financial Director Nordisk Wavin A/S, Hammel